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Treatment, implants, prosthetics, and 7 more services for your smile

We admit you with pain on the day of your visit

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Soul Soul Dental Studio — doctors who put their hearts into their work


Professional oral care is inextricably linked to concern for the patient’s emotional peace of mind and wellbeing

  • Pleasant interior in pastel colors.
  • A friendly receptionist.
  • Smiling and outgoing doctors.
  • Calm and beautiful music.
  • Warm lighting.

Our patients feel care and attention from the first minutes of acquaintance. This helps to relax, trust the doctor, and get positive emotions from the procedures.

Operating licence: L05914

24/7 DFfoctor support, gifts, and other benefits

We gain the trust of clients from the first meeting and leave pleasant memories of the treatment of teeth


We admit patients with pain on the day of their visit.

You do not have to endure pain while waiting for your turn; the clinic has an emergency line.


We have weekend appointments.

We work 6 days a week from 9:00 to 18:00, providing a full range of services.


Dental treatment with VR glasses.

This helps to shift the focus of the patient's attention, relieves anxiety, and acts as a sedative.


Application of navigational surgery.

Creation of a digital implantation scheme for faster and more accurate dentures.


Nice bonuses

Deep dental fluoridation with oral hygiene and a treatment plan at a consultation with an implant surgeon

Services The whole range of services: from treatment to implantation

At Soul Dental Studio, we provide dental treatment, including diagnosis and prevention of mouth diseases. We work in 7 areas:

Medical treatment

Nonsurgical techniques for treating diseases and restoring the appearance of teeth

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Pediatric dentistry

Friendly, painless treatment that respects the age-specific anatomical features of patients

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A dental implant procedure is part of a dental operation to replace a missing tooth

I Read more


Prevention and treatment of gum diseases using Vector system and laser

P Read more


Prosthetic dentistry, that deals with the artificial replacement of missing teeth and esthetic restoration of teeth

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Professional hygiene

Removal of plaque using special tools and means for the prevention of dental diseases

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Fear Fear and anxiety before dental treatment is a thing of the past

We change the concept of dental treatment: it is in no way terrible. That is why 90% of clients stay with us for years after their first visit. We are chosen by those who:

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    are afraid of dental treatment.

  • [Alt]

    have had negative treatment experiences.

  • [Alt]

    are looking for the right price.

  • [Alt]

    value the doctor's involvement in the problem

  • [Alt]

    need understanding and empathy.

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    are looking for the right dentist.

Make your first appointment and get a personalized experience.

Results The results are delightful and make you smile

See how healthy teeth transform your appearance

Specialists Our expertise is plain to see: Soul Dental Studio specialists

Doctors of Soul Dental Studio annually advance in their skills, undergo training in Estonia and foreign medical universities.


Dr. Ksenia Torbek Head doctor


Dr. Erik Zalutski Dentist

Units Dental units, microscopes, VR glasses

We use advanced high-tech equipment, so we treat painlessly and qualitatively.


Dental chairs

We choose products of world leaders in the production of dental equipment: KAVO and A-dec.


Dental microscopes

Appliances for detailed and thorough diagnosis and treatment of teeth.


VR glasses

Combined with headphones, these help provide natural sedation to the patient with soothing videos and music.



High-tech equipment for accurate dental imaging, including spot and bite shots


Computer-aided 3D tomograph

A state-of-the-art X-ray diagnostic device that creates three-dimensional images of the entire maxillofacial region.


Dental autoclaves

Devices for 100% disinfection of instruments made in Italy, Germany, and Canada.


Refrigerators for medications

Single and multi-chamber units for medications with different storage modes.

We keep our equipment in good working order, update and maintain professional equipment in a timely manner.


conditions We create conditions for stress-free treatment

At Soul Dental Studio, we create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. The design and furnishing of the rooms have been carefully thought through so that each patient feels our attention and care.


Safe Safe technologies and painless process


We treat teeth pain- and stress-free, given your individual pain threshold.

  • Relaxing environment.
  • Quiet and pleasant music.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Efficient and safe anesthesia.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Use of VR glasses.
  • Medication sedation.

8 out of 10 patients tell us they had a great time and got away from the hustle and bustle

In order for mutual smooth and respectful cooperation, we ask our patients to notify us of not showing up for the visit 24 hours before the visit. In case of unannounced non-attendance, the clinic has the right to send an invoice according to the price list.


sterility We treat instruments and ensure 100% sterility

We keep our facilities perfectly clean and our clinic safe with:

  • wet cleaning 3 times a day and air fumigators.
  • hourly disinfection of surfaces.
  • autoclaves for sterilization of dental instruments.
  • UV-bactericidal chambers for 3-6-hour storage of sterilized instruments.
  • Sterilization in packaging for long term storage.

We do everything to make you feel calm, confident, and safe.


payment We keep in mind the convenience of payment and offer payment in installments


We meet the needs of our regular clients and are ready to offer interest-free installments on the treatment fee. The conditions are discussed individually with each patient

result The best result is the happy smiles of our clients

We are trusted by 1,200 patients, including employees of Adcash, THE CRAZY and representatives of the French Embassy in Estonia.

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